The Domes

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History : The awesome almost caterpillar looking buildings now known as “the Domes” in Casa Grande. Arizona were built as a home for InterConn Technologies, a computer chip company, owned by Paul & Patricia Zebb in 1982. However, in the time that the structure was being built, InterConn ran into trouble with one of their California locations causing them to fall into bankruptcy and forfeit the land to the bank. The structure was a bank owned property from 1983 to 2006 when it was purchased by Daniel and Karen Peer at an estimated cost of $750,000. The current owners have made an attempt to block entry to the property and do prosecute trespassers.

The Legend: There have been numerous reports from this building ranging from alien activity to satanic worship and evidence of ritual activity. Many report hearing footsteps and strange sounds, some have had things thrown at them by unseen forces, and there is reportedly an overall “creepy” feeling in the structure. The back building to the structure seems to be home to an often reported shadow figure as well.

The Analysis: I’m not even sure where to begin on analysis on this one! There have been so many things reported on this building it is rather comical, but of course….makes it all the more interesting esp when you look at how relatively small of a town Casa Grande is.

In regard to the stories of aliens and the potential that the structure was used as some sort of military hanger I can say there is no evidence to support that, unless this was before the structure itself was built. As of 1982 there has been literally nothing there apart from a decaying building. I did not look back to see who owned the property or what was there before the Zebb’s purchased it but of course anyone with any information is welcome to comment or send me a message! I’d love to know but don’t think I can get to that information without being physically in Casa Grande.

Also when it comes to the building there seems to be some confusion between this particular location and one that Patricia Zebb owned in California. The company did come into some problems with contamination of drinking water due to a solvent used in the electronics manufacturing industry. I believe that this contamination problem along with legal issues dealt with by Patricia Zebb may have led to the bankruptcy that ended InterConn, however the contamination was not located at the Casa Grande location. To my knowledge there was not any manufacturing done at this location.

Finally, the Satanic theory is an odd one. Although it seems that there have been quite a bit of rumors regarding Satanism and Satanic Worship there does seem to be at least some degree of truth to the rumors as well. As one local policeman put it there seems to be a self-styled form of Satanism in Casa Grande, generally teenagers or kids in their early 20’s. There have been various events of satanic graffiti, objects found such as black candles, and reports of missing pets which can all at times be considered evidence of satanic ritual.  There is a report of at least 3 suicides on a Navajo reservation in the late 1980s that were believed to be attributed to satanism ( The Prescott Courier. December 19,,1988)  There is also a report of a man, Francis Patrick LaCamera, who was murdered and left in a trash bin behind his house. Many believed the murder to be satanic in nature as one of the suspects, a 16 year old boy, had a tattoo of Satan on his chest. ( Tucson Citizen. December 19,1988) Although there have been several various incidents of potentially satanic acts in the town, Casa Grande police state that they have never been able to prove satanic activity at the site of the Domes.

I was unable to find any recorded murders or suicides at the Domes. However, it is important to note that in the case of Satanic ritual the bodies are rarely found in a place that is thought to be home to ritualistic killing. More often than not the bodies, if human, are dumped elsewhere. I think that in cases of animal mutilation as a part of worship or ritual the bodies are more often left, which might explain the high occurrence of animal corpses found there. More likely the case for a number of the animal corpses, however, is simply the fact that this is a long abandoned building that animals frequent and most likely die in. Perhaps some are brought there by natural predators and “mutilated” or eaten.

If anyone has any documented proof for satanic ritual at this location I would love to hear the story. I think it would be a fascinating correlation to any shadow figure activity that may be occurring there. However, in regards to shadow figures, they almost always prefer to manifest in areas with frequent human activity as they seem to “leech” energy from humans that they are around. Frequently they do not interact with humans in a meaningful way but just rather use them much as a parasite would. I don’t know for sure the frequency of teenagers or would be ghost hunters at this location, but I do question if this location might be a bit too deserted for a shadow figure to find worth staying around.

Domes in Casa Grande, Arizona

The Domes Casa Grande AZ

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  1. The domes were a real show-piece when they were built. Unusual to say the least they were also very energy efficient and QUIET. I was in the office (spaceship) one day with an Ingersol-Rand compressor running right outside of the front door and you couldn’t even hear it running. The office was beautiful with walls that could move around so you could change the size of the rooms. The only flaw I could see was that the plastic type covering on the outside of the dome seemed thin and looked like it could be easily damaged. Wish I could find the contractor out of Dushesne, Utah and have one built myself.

    • They are definitely on my to do list of haunted places to visit lol. Even in only images they seem quite intriguing!

  2. definitely a creepy place. living in casa grande i’ve been there plenty of times. the last time i went out there my brother and i saw a freshly burned animal in a perfectly rectangular hole. even if it is dumb kids setting things on fire it still sets off a strange vibe.

  3. I live in class grande and I will admit their is some creepy shit strange noises and footsteps is correct however I haven’t had anything thrown at me yet but here’s the cool part there is a underground tunnel below it with rooms that’s been sealed off but I wanna get in there

  4. I live in scotland so i know of this place only through tv shows, but one such show i watched was interesting, in one of the domes they found a small underground space where it seemed someone had been living, later that night on thermal they caught the image of a figure moving towards one of their investigators only for the person (full heat signature suggesting human rather than spirit) to seemingly disappear. My theory? there may be a tunnel system that these vagrants can move through therefore being ‘unseen’ and ‘disappear’ into thin air, and the reason? scaring people away from their home so they are not evicted

  5. I live here in CG and my mom wanted to drive past the domes just to look at.She was approaching the site and the odometer reading was 666 so she turned around and left. *true story*

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