Sturdivant Hall

via wikimedia
Sturdivant Hall
This Greek Revival building in Selma, Alabama was built by Colonel Edward T. Watts who would later sell the home to a banker by the name of John McGee Parkman in 1864. With the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Reconstruction period, Parkman who was then president of the First National Bank of Selma made the poor decision to invest the bank’s money into cotton speculation only to lose it all. Parkman was arrested for the crime and put into a military jail in Cahaba, where later friends of his who believed he made an innocent mistake attempted to help free him from his cell. Although they had succeeded to free him, he was shot by one of the guards while making his escape. Many believe that his ghost returned to the home because he had vowed to never leave the property until his name was cleared, and now can be found in strange noises, cold spots, and even the occasional sighting of an apparition that looks much like a man from that era.Return of the Ruined Banker

Sturdivant Hall

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